Keats Gatien, LLP is a full-service copyright litigation and registration law firm.

We work with our clients to register their artistic works with the U.S. Copyright Office, as well as with various guilds and other government agencies (U.S. Customs) where appropriate.

Examples of our successful copyright litigation efforts include securing injunctions and damages for such well-known properties as Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Lucafilm’s Star Wars characters, and defending a well-known designer from copyright infringement claims.

Our copyright services include reviewing client materials (such as scripts, books, titles, websites, logos, trade names, product and service names) to clear these items for publication and to prevent any legal difficulties arising from the publication of the works.

We help our clients to trace and secure rights for various works of performing or fine art on a global basis. We draft work-for-hire agreements, development agreements, assignment agreements, licensing agreements, co-branding agreements, use guidelines, and other commercial copyright exploitation agreements

Our clients include luxury apparel brands, entertainment companies, children’s product manufacturers, athletic apparel brands, fitness providers, influencers, artists, and entertainers.