Expert Witness


Tony Keats provides expert witness services in trademark and unfair competition litigation matters, opining on the validity and protectability of intellectual property assets, trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, and trademark counterfeiting. His expertise rests on decades of legal practice focused on these matters and hands-on experience as a businessman involved in brand management prior to becoming a lawyer.

Tony has co-authored such notable treatises as Protecting the Brand – Counterfeiting and Gray Markets (Law Journal Press, 2013) and Trademark Counterfeiting (Aspen Law and Business, 1999).

Tony’s extensive legal experience includes prosecuting and defending several hundred civil litigation matters in over thirty years in practice. Tony has managed IP enforcement matters in the United States and overseas for some of the world’s most notable brands in the luxury goods, apparel, sports, and personal care industries. Tony developed intellectual property protection programs for some of the largest entertainment properties in recent Hollywood history including Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, and Batman. Tony’s work as outside counsel to motion picture and television production studios includes Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal (f/k/a DreamWorks SKG), Lucasfilm, Sony, and Viacom. In the area of technology and consumer products, Tony has represented such diverse companies as Philips Electronics, Apple Computer, Quantum Corporation, Gillette, Hasbro, Quaker Oats, Met-Rx, and Nike.

Tony has been a guest speaker on radio and television programs has presented his opinions and strategies at intellectual property forums around the world. His work has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, and the National Law Journal.

Tony works closely with our clients to understand their specific businesses or creative endeavors. He can be analytical and provide unbiased opinions regarding instances of unfair competition including trademark infringement, trademark counterfeiting, and trade dress infringement. He strives to provide his clients with exemplary care and attention to detail while also providing analyses which are objective and exhibit the highest standards of integrity.