Konrad Gatien


Konrad is a founder and managing partner of the firm.

For over 20 years, Konrad has specialized in securing and protecting brand names worldwide.

Konrad is an aggressive litigator, specializing in actions for trademark, copyright, trade dress, and domain name infringement. In federal civil actions, Konrad has obtained eight-figure judgments, multi-jurisdictional seizure orders, and maximum damages for trademark and domain name infringement proceedings.

Konrad is “top of mind” trademark registration counsel, successfully registering thousands of trademarks in over 80 countries worldwide for well-recognized companies, celebrities, and athletes.

Konrad’s civil judgments and legal writings have been cited in the Los Angeles Daily Journal (Top Verdicts); The Trademark Reporter; Wright & Miller; Federal Practice and Procedure; Washington Law Review; Berkeley Technology Law Journal Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal; and the Entertainment Law Reporter.